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Anabec, Inc., the developers of the Anasphere Plus Product 
NOW MEETS the EPA Criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19!

Anasphere Plus KILLS COVID-19

For the last 12 yearsG-NET has worked along side Anabec and with their products, and Continues to be in Direct Contact with the President of Anabec, Inc., Mrs. Nancy Ewing, regarding Anasphere Plus

G-NET is an Anabec trained contractor & certified applicator for all Anabec products, and can  administer the EPA criteria approved disinfectant Anasphere plus for use agains SAR-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.

Anasphere Plus THE COVID-19 KILLER

G-NET will actively provide the Following for our Clients

  • Clean Routinely
  • Disinfect High Touch Areas Daily
  • Disinfecting Areas Properly
  • Safely Use The Anasphere Plus Product

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Reminder that Al Rossilli has direct and constant access to Mrs. Nancy Ewing for any technical questions regarding Anasphere Plus.

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